French Alps

When thinking about France, popular cities and regions such as Paris or Côte d’Azur might come to your mind - but did you know that France actually covers a large part of the Western Alps?

Here you find the highest peaks of the Mont-Blanc Massif, the Pelvoux Massif and a number of peaks rising above 3,000 m asl. Val d’Isere hosts the races of the Alpine Ski World Cup, and Albertville held the 1992 Winter Olympics. Traditionally, French winter sport areas are especially popular with the French and British. Nevertheless, in the last years it has attracted an increasingly international audience.

Moving towards the Mediterranean Sea, the peaks get lower and lower, but it is the Mediterranean touch adding an oh-so special charm to the local scenery. Where else can you spend your summer holidays with the sea and the Alps lying so close together (pic)?