German Alps

The Upper Bavaria and Allgäu regions in Germany are two Alpine pearls of unforgettable natural beauty.

Even if it doesn’t cover an extraordinary large part of the Alps - with the Upper Bavaria and Allgäu regions, Germany boasts two Alpine pearls of unforgettable natural beauty (pic: Lake Engeratsgundsee and the Kirchendach mountain). The Zugspitze mountain is the highest peak in all of Germany. And the Bavarian Alps are known as the cultural heart of the country.

Can you imagine Bavaria being without its Alps? Barely, I would say! But also the slightly lower Alpine foothills boast numerous highlights: the lake district around Mecklenburg attracts numerous visitors that never mind coming back a second or third time. Thanks to its airport, Munich is connected to the entire world and the Alps are within everybody’s grasp. Germany is waiting for you!