A good vintage

When the vintage has finally come to an end - and so it does year by year in every Alpine country - farmers and pickers unite and celebrate the harvest.

Home-made culinary specialities are served together with the most delicious beverages. The centuries-old “Törggelen” in South Tyrol is probably one of the most famous traditions: Ages ago, the farmers - after harvesting the juicy grapes - thanked their pickers with a blissful meal. Hot roasted chestnuts, home-made sausages along with sauerkraut and the farmers’ very own home-cured bacon were served and the oh-so sweet new wine was tasted. This is the way it was, in South Tyrol.

And it is in South Tyrol, where every autumn - from early October to the middle of November - this tradition comes alive again. Whether you hike to high-altitude mountain huts, drive to a near-by farm or visit a traditional inn, the centuries-old “Törggelen” tradition promises a special sort of experience. If your decide for a farm, you will enter the so-called “Stube”, the traditional wood-panelled living room, and enjoy the most delicious meals in a rustical but cosy environment. Home-made dumplings with sauerkraut and sausages, freshly-baked, crusty bread and golden mountain cheese are waiting to be tasted.

Along with the meals, the farmer will serve local wine, water and obviously this year’s new wine - which is especially popular with women! And a soft, live background music, the company of new and old friends and the chance to sample some hot roasted chestnuts create the magic of a wonderful day. Don’t miss this special culinary event!

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