Traditional costumes

Tradition is of utmost importance in the villages in and around the mountains, and traditional costumes as well as religious processions, parades, concerts and festivals have always been a significant part of it.

Still today, most inhabitants participate in local associations and some associations such as the local band or folk dance group even require wearing a traditional costume. Specially designed and hand-made dirndl costumes, traditional lederhosen and shirts, jackets and hats decorated with real plumes render religious celebrations and the weekly mass a very special experience (pic: traditional costumes in Bavaria).

The first traditional costumes actually date back to the 15th century. Then, people differed between a costumes for the everyday life and those worn only on holidays. Moreover, your costume would tell other people about which social class you belonged to and what kind of person you were. By the way: every village boasts its very own traditional type of costumes!