Holiday areas

The Alpine area stretches from the Ligurian Sea to the Pannonian Basin in southern East-Central Europe.

Our selection of areas in the Alps includes regions such as the Allgäu in northern Bavaria in the German Alps as well as the Austrian Alps with Salzburg, the land Tyrol and its capital, Innsbruck. Surrounded by the snow-capped Nordkette mountain chain, the Alpine City is idyllically located in the heart of the Alps. However, the Italian Alps have also got some jewels to offer, such as the province of South Tyrol, famous for its delicious bacon and wine, while lakes and nature parks make the Trentino region an attractive holiday area.

Accompany us on a journey throughout the Alps:

  1. Upper Bavaria

    Upper Bavaria

    Located throughout the northern Alpine foothills, Upper Bavaria is home to pristine…
  2. Allgäu


    Allgäu (Germany) lies in the southern region of Bavarian Swabia.
  3. South Tyrol

    South Tyrol

    Nestling at the heart of the beautiful Alps - throughout the most northern part of…
  4. Trentino


    Trentino with its beautiful summits and large skiing areas lies slightly north of…
  5. Tyrol


    Tyrol relates to the mountains in a way few other regions do. And there is nothing…
  6. Vorarlberg


    The quaint region between Switzerland and Tyrol marks the final section of the…
  7. Salzburger Land

    Salzburger Land

    The surroundings of Salzburg are not only popular due to its fascinating landscape,…