Trentino with its beautiful summits and large skiing areas lies slightly north of the city of Verona.

Here you will find some of the major summits of the Dolomites and numerous other mountains of the Southern Alps (pic: the Pale di San Martino mountains). In winter, they are home to stunning skiing areas and in summer they turn into large hiking and biking areas.

But the mountains and hills making up almost 100% of the Trentino landscape are not the only local treasure. Countless lakes such as enchanting Lake Garda and numerous mountain lakes characterise the region. A rich cultural program provide the many historical towns and villages, such as the University City of Trento, Rovereto featuring the famous Museum of Modern Arts (MART), Riva del Gardo, Arco and many more.

  1. Dolomiti di Brenta

    Dolomiti di Brenta

    The holiday resort lies right at the heart of the Trentino region, in between the…
  2. Folgaria


    The sunny plateau of Folgaria covers an area of 72.8 sqkm and is home to one of the…
  3. Lake Garda

    Lake Garda

    Lake Garda, the biggest lake all over Italy, dates back to a time 10,000 years ago,…
  4. Altipiano di Piné - Cembra

    Altipiano di Piné - Cembra

    Val di Cembra - or Cembra Valley - has its origins in the river Avio and boasts a…
  5. Primiero


    Located in the eastern part of the Trentino region, the Primiero Valley - also…
  6. Trento


    The area surrounding the capital of the Trentino region, Trento, stretches…
  7. Val di Fassa

    Val di Fassa

    Val di Fassa nestles at the heart of the Dolomites in the north-eastern part of the…
  8. Val di Fiemme

    Val di Fiemme

    Val di Fiemme is one of the main valleys of the Dolomites and stretches along the…
  9. Val di Non

    Val di Non

    Visitors can look forward to a stunning scenery characterised by meadows, apple…
  10. Val di Sole

    Val di Sole

    Val di Sole is one of the biggest tributary valleys of Val di Non and lies in the…
  11. Val Rendena

    Val Rendena

    Nestling in between the Brenta Dolomites in the east and the Adamello and…
  12. Vallagarina


    The Vallagarina Valley is actually the southern part of Val d’Adige and stretches…
  13. Valli Giudicarie

    Valli Giudicarie

    The Giudicarie Valleys are a small network of quaint valleys and side valleys and…
  14. Valsugana


    The Valsugana Valley is a quaint and peaceful holiday resort along the upper…

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