Leisure & activities

The Alps are a paradise for those who are enthusiastic about active holidays.

The fairytale world of mountains of the Austrian, German and Italian Alps provide ideal conditions for leisure activities and sports in the great outdoors. Either mountaineering, cycling, swimming or any kind of winter sports, you’ll be spoilt for choice in this unique spot of land.

We have gathered a selection of activities for your active holidays:

  1. Food and drinks

    Food and drinks

    A culinary heaven - based on both traditional recipes and new creations - is…
  2. Mountains and hiking

    Mountains and hiking

    Hiking in the Alpine regions is definitely worth trying. The clean Alpine air,…
  3. Climbing and mountaineering

    Climbing and mountaineering

    If climbing and mountaineering is what you like best, the Alpine countries are the…
  4. Paragliding


    For centuries humankind has longed to glide across acres of crystal-clear skies -…
  5. Cycling


    Challenging cycling tours such as the Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and numerous…
  6. Rafting


    Rafting is a sport that promises adventure and challenges as well as the most…
  7. Mountain bike

    Mountain bike

    Majestic mountains and hilly landscapes are as you can imagine two of the most…
  8. Curling


    Curling probably has its origins in late medieval Scotland and refers to a game…
  9. Ice climbing

    Ice climbing

    Ice climbing is a special kind of mountaineering: climbing artificial ice walls,…
  10. Cross-country skiing

    Cross-country skiing

    Wherever snow covers pastures and fields, there you will find cross-country skiing,…
  11. Snow shoeing

    Snow shoeing

    Before humanity built snowshoes, nature provided examples: animals evolved…
  12. Ski & Snowboard

    Ski & Snowboard

    Skiing and snowboarding in the Alps, that means downhill in sparkling white…