Food and drinks

A culinary heaven - based on both traditional recipes and new creations - is waiting to be discovered.

The cuisine of the Alpine regions has got many delicacies to offer. We are sure, you will love it.

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  1. Polenta


    This traditional dish may be found in Italy, in the region of Tyrol, Switzerland,…
  2. Dumplings


    Whether you eat them in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or South Tyrol - dumplings in…
  3. Speck


    … or should I say bacon? Speck is a type of smoked or cured bacon and refers to a…
  4. Sweet seduction

    Sweet seduction

    There are so many great-tasting things originating in the mountains: There is for…
  5. Wine Roads

    Wine Roads

    The Wine Routes of the Alpine regions are a secret tip for lovers of wine and…