Mountains and hiking

Hiking in the Alpine regions is definitely worth trying. The clean Alpine air, breath-taking views, rich green landscapes with woodlands, meadows and pristine lakes combine to create a true paradise for hikers.

Ever heard of the so-called “Via Alpina”? The transboundary hiking trail leads across the entire Alpine region and is the result of a common project of all Alpine countries. The Via Alpina has been officially recognised as genuinely contributing to the implementation of the Alpine Convention and is, thus, meant to aid sustainable development in the Alps. Discover the natural beauty of Italy, France, Switzerland, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and Slovenia by walking along the unique Via Alpina. Described in multilingual documentation, it links Trieste on the Adriatic Coast to Monaco and the Mediterranean. 341 daily stages are waiting for you - a year’s worth of walking…

By the way: the idea behind the Via Alpina goes back to the French association La Grande Traversée des Alpes. The realisation of the idea, however, is the result of an intensive cooperation between various institutions, associations and professional organisations of the eight Alpine countries. But even shorter hikes in the Schwarzwald region, across the Maritime Alps in France, along the Italian Alps in the Piemonte region or in the beautiful Dolomites (pic) promise a special kind of experience.

Further attractive hiking destinations are found in the Kaiser mountain range in Austria and Germany, Grisons in Switzerland or Bled in Slovenia. Have a look first-hand and rejoice in first-class hiking experiences!

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