For centuries humankind has longed to glide across acres of crystal-clear skies - paragliding is the answer. Since 1965 people are finally watching the world from above, with passion and joy.

It was the former NASA engineer and scientist Francis Melvin Rogall (*1912) who invented the paraglider or at least came up with the basic idea. He patented it already in 1948, describing exactly how the cords and fabrics had to be combined to create a paraglider. Based on this idea, numerous scientists such as American inventor and researcher David Barish or Canadian Domina Jalbert improved and developed the paraglider.

The paragliders of today fly with an average speed rate of 37 km/h up to a maximum speed of 55 km/h. They can glide over distances up to 100 km; but enthusiasts have already flown much longer distances (Texas, 2002: the Canadian William Gadd flies a distance of 423 km). At a speed of 15 km/h the pilot starts to fly. Take the ultimate challenge and discover picturesque mountains, rivers, valleys and lakes such as in the Salzkammergut or Berchtesgadener Land region. Let your senses loose above the Provence region in France, the North of Italy, Austrian Tyrol or Slovenia. An excursion to the skies… definitely worth trying! And those who have never tried paragliding before, may conquer the skies flying tandem with a instructor.

Weyregg am Attersee, St. Gilgen and Lake Altausee in the Austrian Salzkammergut region boast e.g. a paragliding school with stunning views and qualified instructors. And the Zillertal valley in North Tyrol is even known as one of the largest paragliding areas (pic: paragliding in the Rofan mountains in North Tyrol). The Bregenzerwald, moreover, offers safe flights in a diversified surrounding. Because freedom has a name: paragliding…

But never forget: Watch your safety and ask for qualified advice before flying!

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