Ski & Snowboard

Skiing and snowboarding in the Alps, that means downhill in sparkling white deep-powder snow with the crystal-clear sky high above you.

Whether you prefer to discover the highest summits of Tyrol or pioneer the stunning Bavarian Alps, not to forget the sparkling white snow in Italy… hey, don’t start daydreaming!

The most important skiing areas in the German, Italian and Austrian Alps (will be supplemented - pic: skiing in Tyrol):

Skiing areas in Germany:
German skiing areas are found in the two regions of Allgäu and Upper Bavaria.
> Garmisch Partenkirchen, biggest ski area in Upper Bavaria at altitudes up to 2,000 and 2,830 m asl
> Oberstdorf, main winter resort in Allgäu, with 3 big skiing areas: Nebelhorn (featuring Germany’s longest downhill ski run), Fellhorn and Söllereckbahn, at an altitude of up to 2,224 m asl, hosting numerous competitions
> Hindelang and Mittelberg, with two 3.5 km long toboggan runs
> Hörnergruppe family skiing area
> Immenstadt and Sonthofen, at altitudes up to 1,700 m asl
> Eastern and Western Allgäu - don’ miss the World Cup runs at the Hündle and Hochgrat in Western Allgäu
> Berchtesgadener Land, at altitudes up to 1,874 m asl, featuring 120 km of designated winter hiking trails
> Lenggries, at altitudes up to 1,700 m asl
> Oberammergau, Kolben ski area with ski runs and facilities suited to the whole family
> Reit im Winkl, at altitudes up to 1,900 m asl
> Zugspitze, at altitudes up to 2,830 m asl, perfectly groomed ski runs and fabulous deep powder slopes

Skiing areas in Austria:
> Ischgl, at altitudes up to 2,872 m asl
> Zillertal, Hochzillertal, at altitudes up to 2,500 m asl
> Kitzbühel, Tirol, VIP venue, 800 - 2,000 m asl
> Lech-Zürs am Arlberg, 1,450 - 2,811 m asl
> Nauders, 1,394 - 2,850 m asl
> Oetz, 820 - 2,200 m asl
> St. Johann Alpendorf, 650 - 1,850 m asl
> Seefeld Rosshütte, 1,240 - 2,100 m asl
> Sölden, 1,350 - 3,250 m asl
> Weissensee, 930 - 1,324 m asl
and many more…

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