Upper Bavaria

Located throughout the northern Alpine foothills, Upper Bavaria is home to pristine lakes, steep mountains and the famous metropolis of Munich.

Even if the mountain region might seem to cover a rather small area, it boasts a dense population and is the most traditional all over Bavaria (Germany). Bavaria without its mountains would be the same as Munich without its legendary Oktoberfest - unthinkable!

The natural landscape features a rich variety, ranging from hills to lakes, ponds and mountains (pic: Lake Walchensee). The Zugspitze mountain is both Germany’s highest and best-known mountain. Bad Tölz, Lake Chiemsee, Lake Tegernsee and Lake Schliersee, everything surrounded by mighty mountains like the Wendelstein and Zugspitze mountains provide attractive recreation areas, all within easy reach thanks to the efficient transport connections to near-by Munich.

  1. Berchtesgadener Land

    Berchtesgadener Land

    The so-called Berchtesgadener Land, an area of some 15 municipalities, lies in the…
  2. Chiemgau


    Chiemgau includes the districts of Traunstein and Rosenheim.
  3. Chiemsee


    Also known as the Bavarian Sea, Lake Chiemsee is the biggest lake of Bavaria.
  4. Tegernsee-Schliersee


    Here, in Upper Bavaria and in between the Bavarian limestone Alps, you will find…
  5. Tölzer Land

    Tölzer Land

    The holiday area Tölzer Land belongs to the district Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen some…
  6. Wendelstein


    The area surrounding the Wendelstein Mountains boasts one of the most beautiful…
  7. Zugspitz Region

    Zugspitz Region

    On the border with Austria, you will find the Zugspitze mountain, with 2,962 m the…