Climate and weather

Mainly there are three types of climate in the Alpine area, that is to say the Atlantic climate, the Pannonian climate and finally the Mediterranean climate.

Climate in the Alpine area is to great extend influenced by the airmass, which can be divided into four types: the western winds with mild, moist air masses deriving from the Atlantic sea, the cool polar air from the north, the dry continental air masses from the east and the warm, Mediterranean air from the south. A further climatic phenomenon in the Alps is a warm airmass, which is called foehn.

The southern area of the Alps is mainly influenced by the Mediterranean climate, which is characterised by mild winters and hot summers. On the eastern edge of the Alps, however, the continental climate prevails, which is ideal for vine-growing. As the valleys in the Alps often stretch in the rain shadow, a rather dry climate prevails.

The weather reports of the Alpine countries and regions:

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